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Federal and State Criminal Defense

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State and Federal Criminal Defense

If you've been charged with a crime, by the State of Texas or the federal government, we can help.  Mr. Moreno has over 10 years of experience in state and federal criminal defense.

Each case is thoroughly prepared for trial.  Sometimes trial is not necessary for a case to be favorably resolved, but in the event that a case gets to trial, we will be ready to win.

State and Federal Appeals

Just as you have a right to a trial by a jury of your peers at the trial phase, you also have a right to appeal any error that may have occurred at the trial phase.  If you feel that you did not receive a fair trial, we can review your case and assist you throughout the appellate process.  We also handle post-conviction writs of habeas corpus and out of time appeals in the event that the time for filing a notice of appeal has passed.

Motions to Revoke or Adjudicate

If you are currently on probation and the State or Federal Government has filed a motion to revoke your probation, for whatever reason, you have a right to the effective representation of counsel.  Mr. Moreno has successfully represented thousands of individuals in Motions to Revoke or Adjudicate.  If you have questions about your probation, or if you have a Motion to Revoke/Adjudicate pending, please feel free to call us so that we can help.

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