The Law Office of Joseph Moreno

Federal and State Criminal Defense

     Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I joined the army after I graduated high school, and proudly served our country for four years.  After my military service, I put myself through undergraduate school at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi then law school at St. Mary's School of Law.  I graduated law school in 2004. 

     I participated in the Criminal Justice Clinic while at St. Mary's Law School, where I learned how to try a case from the initial client interview through presentation of a case to the jury. 

     I tried my first criminal defense case in Bexar County Court #11 while I was still a third year law student.  I have practiced criminal defense ever since.  It's what I do.  It's what I enjoy.  I'm passionate about defending each client. 

     Let me fight for you.


     Preparation and hard work always yield the best results.  See my blogs for examples of the leg work and legal research that go into a case.  

Why Me?

Preparation is the best defense. I thoroughly investigate the facts of each case and the law that applies. See my blogs "Sometimes it's the Little Things" and "Affirmative Links" for examples.

I believe that the better I prepare your case for trial the better the result I can achieve without having to ever get to trial. (Each trial has risks and the final say on how far to push is always up to each defendant).

An attorney's reputation as a "trial lawyer" results in better outcomes without a need for trial.  Sometimes the leg of trial preparation turns up evidence that results in a case being dismissed or the charges reduced.  

If a trial becomes the only option, I'll be ready to win.  I know it, and more importantly the State knows it.

I keep my client's fully informed and involved in the preparation of their defense.